Life Itself: A Memoir

Life Itself: A Memoir (Audio) - Roger Ebert, Edward Herrmann This book was an impulse buy and I'm ever so glad I followed my impulse in this case.

I used to watch Siskel & Ebert religiously when I was a teen and though I often found myself disagreeing with one of these men I enjoyed their debates immensely. However here I got a good look at not Ebert of Siskel and Ebert as I expected but at a real man with failings as well as amazing strengths named Roger Ebert.

This memoir covers many aspects of his life: childhood, professional and emotional development, health problems and how he dealt with them as well as his philosophy regarding life and death. I was thoroughly impressed with his positive outlook as well as his realistic look back at himself. Though I'll never know what he was really like I got a sense that he tried to paint himself truthfully.

The book is written a tad unevenly. I found myself occasionally bored but overall it was a good read and very much worth the time.