Among Others

Among Others - Jo Walton Actual Rating 4.5

This book is literary fiction masquerading as fantasy for people who grew up reading science fiction and fantasy. It was beautiful and sad and heart-warming and not for everybody. I can't imagine this book speaking to anybody who doesn't connect with the worlds of SF&F at least not the way it spoke to me.

I loved how the magic was portrayed here, flowing, soft, complex, invisible, corruptible and completely interconnected with everything (Star Wars anyone?). I loved how much of a teenager Mori(?) is with all the insecurities as well as self-centerdness even though she reaches some wonderful insights and is all sorts of bright.

I've not read half of the books mentioned in this story but that only means that I have that much more new stuff to get my hands on!

Though this isn't my favorite quote, it's one that I simply loved:

' "Bibliotropic," Hugh said. "Like sunflowers are heliotropic, they naturally turn towards the sun. We naturally turn towards the bookshop." '