At Large and At Small: Familiar Essays

At Large and at Small: Familiar Essays - Anne Fadiman Dear Ms. Fadiman

I love your essays. They make me laugh and they make me cry. They remind me to take my time and love the things I love, be fascinated by things that fascinate and be grateful for the things I'm grateful.

I love that you quoted "Persuasion" - my favorite Jane Austen novel- in your essay about Moving.

I love that after years of hoping to serendipitously run across "The Essays of Elia" your essay about Charles Lamb finally pushed me to order a copy by the sheer power of your praise and prose.

I love how by the end of "Under Water" I sat nodding my head in agreement while tears accumulated and threatened to spill.

I love how I want more.

Please do write more! I promise I won't wait to get them second hand :)