Fuzzy Nation

Fuzzy Nation - John Scalzi,  Wil Wheaton I absolutely loved John Scalzi's modernized retelling of H.Beam Piper's Litte Fuzzy book (series). His John Holloway is a deliciously sarcastic bad-boy with a brain and though slightly tarnished heart of gold. The story is paced to perfection. I was thoroughly impressed that though much of the story takes place in a courtroom or in relation to legal matters I felt as if I was reading scenes describing breath taking battles and feats of daring do! That is how good John Scalzi is, he takes intellectual gymnastics and puts them to paper in such a way that it's not in the least bit dry or boring. There are some plot holes that bothered me while reading but in the end I was able to let them go and just enjoyed the ride! Go on I know you want to too ... I recommend it :)

This was an Audible book narrated by Wil Wheaton. All I will say is that Mr. Wheaton was unreservedly the perfect choice.

Note: For those planning on getting the Audible version, it comes in 2 parts. The first is this modern retelling called Fuzzy Nation, the second is the original Little Fuzzy. So you get a 2 for 1 deal on the download :)