Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1) - Isaac Marion Actual Rating = 4 Stars

The disparity in ratings is because although I LOVED this book I know it isn't perfect.

On an eviscerated world, stumbling through a mind numbing existence at the airport is R, the zombie in the midst of an existential crisis. On the other side of town struggling through a soul crushing existence at the largest remaining human encampment is Julie, a girl with an uncompromisingly hopeful world view. When circumstances bring them together they seek to change their world.

So it's a zombie/human romance... riiiiiiiight. Sounds like a terrible idea but thankfully that stomach turning romance is handled so tenderly and so in "soft focus" that it's not stomach turning at all but sweet.

However the romance is not what makes this book - it's probably the least "important" part of the story. What makes this read delightful and enthralling and satisfying are R's musings. Those musings, even if taken superficially, are fun to read but if allowed to blossom into social commentary on the modern world, on teen angst, on extremism, on de-sensitivity to violence and sex well then those musings leave one lost in beautiful thought! And for that alone I absolutely LOVED this book.

The fact that the book has likable characters, fun and funny situations as well as great action and an imaginative world ... well that was just a bonus for me.