Embassytown - China MiƩville Actual rating 3.5

It's an interesting mind that wrote this book. It's a type of playground that he wrote. A playground where the equipment is replaced by themes and ideas. Its a wonderful place, one I'd recommend for all to visit. I will certainly read more of China Mievilles books hoping to visit more such playgrounds.

For as good as he is at creating a fascinating world he's not a great storyteller. He's kind of an impressionist (perhaps even a modern(ist)) painter with words. Giving us broad strokes instead of fine detail, focusing on color, texture and general shapes to paint the pictures in our heads. But what pictures! What questions are still buzzing in here!(Truth/Lies; Absolute/Relative; Communication/Speech; Good/Evil - put all those in a blender and play with the resulting questions)

This isn't a great book (that's why the 3.5 stars) but it is a very interesting one. It's worth reading just for the ideas.